Youth4Planet: Earthbeat

Youth4Planet: Earthbeat


Client: Youth4Planet: Earthbeat

Date: November 2021

In the run up to COP26, we started working with Youth4planet: Earthbeat, a youth media movement which gives a voice to young people from all around the world in response to the climate emergency. On Friday 5 November they hosted a live COP26 Youth Day event at Glasgow's IMAX cinema. The event sought to amplify the voices of young people. It was great to hear alternative perspectives in discussions otherwise dominated by world leaders and big corporations.

Part of the IMAX event showcased entries to the Earthbeat challenge. Young people aged between 14 and 30 were asked to submit three-minute smartphone films on the theme of "restoring balance with nature". There were an impressive 77 entries from 31 countries, ranging from Indonesia to St Helena's, Ukraine to Tanzania. There was a particularly strong selection from countries in the Global South, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of those on the frontline of climate change.


The COP26 news agenda was extremely competitive therefore we aimed to tie the story to other larger headlines. For example in the Metro, we tied an interview with Earthbeat founder Tarquin Ramsay with news on Greta Thumberg protests taking place at the time. Tarquin also hosted a takeover on Extinction Rebellion's Rebel Radio and was interviewed on Times Radio alongside a young filmmaker. BBC World Service also interviewed one of the young filmmakers. More on Earthbeat and next year's challenge here.