The Tinderbox

The Tinderbox


Client: Gillian Mosely

Film: The Tinderbox 

Date: February 2022

The Tinderbox - Israel & Palestine: The Untold Story is the directorial debut from Gillian Mosely and a deeply personal journey of one woman forced to challenge everything she’d been taught about her own history. The film is the culmination of three decades spent studying and questioning one of the world’s most complex conflicts.  As a British-American Jew raised in a strongly Zionist household, director Gillian Mosely thought she understood the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: its roots and repercussions, and the different sides involved. But a chance encounter with a Palestinian man – who would later become a close friend – prompted the film producer to reconsider her beliefs.It provides a thought-provoking look at history both ancient and modern. Made by Mosely’s production company Medialab, in partnership with Spring Films and distributed by Dartmouth Films. 

PR Overview:

tpr media began working on the Tinderbox at the start of February 2022; screenings ran across the UK from 25 March to 13 April 2022, many of which were followed by director Q&As with Gillian Mosely. The film was also available on Curzon Home Cinema. We worked alongside the film's director Gillian Mosley and Dartmouth films to produce a high-end and reputational campaign. We successfully placed 19 key articles/features, reviews and broadcast slots, many of which were re-printed across regional outlets. The total news value of the project was 989.29k with a total news reach estimated at 14.53m (not taking into account broadcast value). The Tinderbox received a positive reaction from both the Jewish community and wider audience.

There were multiple positive high-end broadsheet reviews (The Observer, Guardian Online, FT, The Times, Morning Star, The Arts Desk, The Jewish Chronicle and Total Film). In terms of broadcast; Gillian was interviewed on Times Radio's Hugo Rifkind Show as well as BBC Arabic's Hardtalk which was streamed across YouTube, BBC Arabic Radio and social media channels. There were a number of national and online features including an authored piece by Gillian which we placed in the Mirror Online. The Jewish News and the Jewish Telegraph also ran features. There was additional coverage across The Church of England Newspaper, Close-Up Culture, iNews, Screen Daily and Croatian outlet HRT prikazuje.