The Queen and the Coup

Black and white portrait shots of Queen Elizabeth II and Shah of Iran in the early 1950s (documentary The Queen and the Coup).


Production Company: Brave New Media

Channel: Channel 4

Date: 14 June 2020

tpr media worked on The Queen and the Coup. This latest documentary by Brave New Media (D-Day: the King Who Fooled Hitler, Spying on the Royals) revealed how Queen Elizabeth's name was used without her knowledge in a secret plot to destroy Iran's democracy. Professors Rory Cormac and Richard Aldrich uncovered newly declassified documents – hidden for nearly 70 years – providing incontrovertible proof that Queen Elizabeth II was involved in a 1953 Coup D'Etat: the incredible twist is that her involvement was all without her knowledge.


tpr media were asked to provide a campaign which would cover print, online and radio. Our first piece was a news feature in the Times with a trail on the front cover. The Today Programme was also set to do an interview, however because the Times piece was so prominent this didn't go ahead. There were dozens of articles, including the Independent, Inews, Mail Online and The Express. America was a particular priority for the production company: NBC broke the story in North America and we worked closely with AP in the Middle East, their story was picked up by multiple newspapers – including the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Voice of America. The film also received dozens of previews and reviews.