Surviving the Stone Age

Male and female Stone Age experts, dressed as their ancestors, carrying spears and bows on a mountain top in forested wilderness


Client: Renegade Pictures

Channel: Channel 4

Date: 7‐21 November 2020

Deep in one of Europe's last remaining wildernesses, eight experts embarked on an epic journey to uncover the secrets of the Stone Age. For one month, they attempted to follow in the footsteps of our Stone Age ancestors and survive as a tribe. Each member has either practical and/or academic expertise in different aspects of the Stone Age world. To survive, they needed to hunt for food, build shelter and experiment, using only primitive tools. Visually spectacular, rugged and authentic, this three-part series showcased a dramatic panorama: from rivers to high alpine mountains, while charting the tribe's immersive journey.


tpr media was commissioned by Renegade Pictures to carry out a broad‐ranging, mainstream campaign in order to raise the profile and drive viewers for the Channel 4 programming of Surviving the Stone Age. Despite a tight 10‐day turnaround, there were 70 pieces of coverage including features, previews, trade press, TV and radio interviews.

Key pieces include a double-page spread in The Mail which reached an audience of over two million; this ran alongside an i‐news feature in which one of the experts, Manse, was interviewed. Contributors, Dan and Naomi appeared on the popular Channel 4 lunchtime show, Steph's Packed Lunch and Naomi was also interviewed on BBC Radio5's Chiles on Friday. We also placed a behind‐the‐scenes trade piece in Broadcast. Overall, the campaign reached 13.33 million people with a total news value of £954.29k. See coverage here.