Simon's Cat

Cartoon drawing of a cat licking its leg next to writing which reads 'Simon's Cat'.


Production Company: Endemol

Outlet: YouTube

Date: February to March 2018

Globally successful animated comedy series Simon's Cat marked a decade since award‐winning illustrator, animator and director Simon Tofield uploaded his first animation, Cat Man Do, to YouTube. Despite its international success, Simon's Cat has retained its British understated charm with Simon still at the heart of the creative process, working with a small team in London. Simon even voices the series himself.


tpr media was tasked with providing a targeted,reputational campaign marking the 10th anniversary of Simon’s Cat, and looking forward to future plans. The strategy was to focus on three aspects: the artist's story – how a traditional animator created an internet sensation almost by accident; the business story – how a black and white animation about a mischievous cat led to the creation of an international brand; and the media story – from internet sensation to having a long format backed by Mr Bean's producer.

Key coverage for this project included a Sunday Times news story, plus interviews in Variety, C21 and Broadcast magazine.