Reuters: TIMA

Presenter Carne Ross standing in front of an anarchist mural


Production Company: TIMA

Date: 02/2015–04/2015

Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, and TIMA, a global content service provider, came together to launch a major new global partnership designed to offer location services including studio facilities and logistical support to broadcasters and online media outlets.


tpr media worked alongside Reuters-TIMA to organise the launch of a new service, inviting industry figures and press to a penthouse drinks party. In total 150 guests attended the event from a cross-section of the news and media industry including international broadcasters as well as existing colleagues/clients and key trade journalists from TVBEurope, Monocle and Advance Television. tpr media also produced and issued a press release to tie in with the launch party which resulted in extensive news coverage.