Human Nature

Female scientist Jennifer Doudna in a lab.


Client: Dartmouth Films

Date: November 2019

For the second time in 2019, tpr worked with Dartmouth films. This time on Human Nature, a new feature‐length documentary directed by the co‐writer of the Oscar‐winning Inside Job, Adam Bolt. The documentary explores recent breakthroughs in CRISPR, a naturally occurring gene‐editing mechanism that has given us unprecedented control over the building blocks of life. Thought provoking and awe‐inspiring, the film engages intelligently in both the scientific and ethical questions CRISPR raises.


Despite the News agenda being completely dominated by the UK General Elections, tpr conducted a successful targeted high‐end reputational campaign focussing on broadsheets, which included op eds, features and profile pieces. Key pieces included a comment piece by Dan Rather in the Observer and a profile of Jennifer Doundna in the Telegraph, both which heavily trailed the film. We worked closely with health and science writers on the Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday to explore new CRISPR inspired scientific breakthroughs that could form a peg linked to the film. Human Nature was reviewed positively by a range of publications from the Guardian to the New Scientist. Key interviewees from the film were interviewed for a feature in The Spectator magazine.