#HACKED: Syria's Electronic Armies

Screen grabs of the web-based app #HACKED


Client: Al Jazeera

Date: 09/2016–11/2016

In the run up to its 10th anniversary in November 2016 Al Jazeera English announced the launch of an interactive mobile web-based app #HACKED: Syria’s Electronic Armies, which takes the user deep inside the country’s cyber war, a conflict that has proven it can be just as deadly as the ground war.


#HACKED was based on a People & Power documentary of the same name by senior Al Jazeera correspondent, Juliana Ruhfus, but presents the film’s investigative journalism in a game format, targeting a younger, mobile generation that increasingly shuns traditional news websites. Working with a social media specialist, we targeted tech sites and national technology correspondents as well gaming editors and bloggers. We also joined the debate about engaging young people in the changing media landscape by putting forward Juliana Ruhfus as an expert panellist and media interviewee.