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Production Company: Whitewater Films and Khaos Digital

Outlet: London Film Festival

Date: 10/2013–11/2013

Drones is a gripping thriller by award-winning producer/director Rick Rosenthal that explores the complex issue of modern warfare. The drama presents an unflinching examination of the moral issues and collateral damage facing a U.S. military that relies ever more heavily on the use of unmanned drones to execute its strategies.


tpr media launched a targeted PR campaign to promote screenings of Drones at the London Film Festival, as well as build reputational PR for the film around the festival. Different angles were explored extensively with a view to placing arts-based as well as more issue-based pieces that would look at the ethical use of drones, tying in with recent media attention on drones in the UK. We also liaised closely with relevant NGOs such as Amnesty and Reprieve.