Close-up of male lead Riz Ahmed


Production Company: Daybreak Pictures

Channel: Channel 4

Date: 06/2007–11/2007

Britz is a gripping two-part thriller about a young brother and sister, both British-born and Muslim, who are pulled in radically different directions by their conflicting personal experiences in post 9/11 Britain. Written and directed by the acclaimed Peter Kosminsky, the series starred Riz Ahmed and Majinder Virk.


Working with colleagues at Channel 4, tpr media was involved in a high-profile media campaign with coverage in print and online, TV and radio. There interviews with leads Riz Ahmed and Manjinder Virk as well as behind-the-scenes pieces with director Peter Kosminsky about his vision for the series. A key part of tpr media’s role was to tap in the topical debates about radicalisation in society today. A special screening of the film was organised for key commentators in this field.