A Brief History of Graffiti

Wall covered in brightly coloured graffiti


Production Company: Kaboom Film & TV

Channel: BBC Four

Date: 07/2015–08/2015

From elegant line drawings in the 30,000-year-old Caves D’Arcy in central France to the triumphal graffiti of Russian troops who captured the Reichstag in 1945, people we have scratched, etched and painted from time immemorial. In A Brief History of Graffiti – part of BBC’s pop art season – Richard Clay explores the cave art, revolutionary posters and contemporary street-art to unravel the enigma of graffiti.


tpr media designed and implemented a targeted, reputational media campaign around the TX of A Brief History of Graffiti to begin to build visibility of presenter Dr Richard Clay and drive an audience to the documentary. Coverage included authored pieces in Shortlist and blanket previews and reviews.