Artem SFX

Two men dressed in Halo Masterchief costumes jumping with London landmarks in background


Award-winning special effects company

Date: From 2012

Artem is a UK-based special effects company at the forefront of physical builds and SFX over the last three decades. Today, with workshops in West London and in Glasgow, Artem continues to serve as a one-stop-shop for television, film and advertising alongside live events, exhibitions and retail display industries. The creative effects and innovative solutions team can provide props, atmospherics, prosthetics, models and miniatures, pyrotechnics, mechanical rigs, animatronics, special costume and huge media builds.

tpr media has been working with Artem since 2012 when the company was contracted to provide a vast range of effects for the London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, from giant puppet to a 50m inflatable octopus. Since then, we have worked to highlight the range of Artem’s work in trade media, alongside national, online, TV and radio.

Coverage highlights have included a feature in the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine, a video news story on the BBC News Entertainment & Arts site (‘How to blow up a car and other film special effects’), profile pieces in London-based publications, including the Evening Standard, Time Out and Stylist, and a cover story for 3D Digital.