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The Tinderbox

The Tinderbox film poster featuring Gillian Mosely and those featured in the film

We're really excited to be working on a new documentary film The Tinderbox - Israel & Palestine: The Untold Story is the directorial debut from Gillian Mosely. It is a deeply personal journey of one woman forced to challenge everything she'd been taught about the conflict in Israel and Palestine. As a British-American Jew raised in a strongly Zionist household, director Gillian Mosely believed she understood the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – its roots and repercussions, and the different sides involved. But a chance encounter with a Palestinian man – who would become a close friend – prompted the film producer to reconsider her beliefs. The film is the culmination of three decades spent studying and questioning one of the world's most complex conflicts. It provides a thought-provoking look at history both ancient and modern. Made by Mosely's production company Medialab, in partnership with Spring Films and distributed by Dartmouth Films.